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The Loo

I had the privilege of visiting Europe this summer. I knew a lot of things would be different from what I am used to besides just the language barrier. (Thankfully most Europeans know English)

You prepare yourself as best as you can, but there were some things I wasn't expecting. One of those things was the restroom, toilet, bathroom, loo, lavatory. Whatever you want to call it.

I kept seeing signs that just said WC and every time I asked for a restroom that was where they pointed out for me to go. Guess I'm a little dense sometimes and finally realized that was water closet. DUH!

Oh well. Good thing I wasn't traveling alone. :)

So being involved with a custom home building company, I have done some research on water closets. They are really becoming the thing to add to your bathroom now. What are the pros and cons of having a WC? What can you do to make them less confining and claustrophobic?

Below I have attached an article I found that could be helpful. I also found several Pinterest pins that in my opinion would be a nice place to "use the loo".

Any thoughts, let me know.

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