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1. What will it cost to build my custom home?

Please read the article found in the below link. Then, please complete the                      This will help me to be better equipped to project how much your house will cost and what the best design is to meet your personal budget.

2. Why should I choose DBCH, Inc. as my custom builder?

There are many types of design and building experiences ranging from DIY, production builders  all  the way to custom design and build. If you truly want a unique experience with a personal touch you will want to have David Bauer Custom Homes, Inc. design and build your next home.

Finished log cabin

After reviewing the Project Schedule, it may seem as though there are a lot of steps to designing and building a home. The series of articles linked below will be helpful to you throughout this process. 

Here is a link to the most common measurements that most overlook when designing and building a home.

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