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Are You Ready For 2019 Bathrooms?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Last week we talked about kitchens. This week its bathrooms, ensuites, spa area, washroom, or "library".

Whatever you want to call it or whatever luxury you would like in your private space, there are some new things coming.

Guess what? Black is back! No, not back in black. :)

While some might be afraid of dark, bold fixtures black seems to be making a comeback. Even gold and brass fixtures! Not sure what to think about that.

How would you like a smart shower? You set it remotely and by the time you get home it's hot and ready. Hmmmmmm.

Remember in the 70's when we had gold or olive-green appliances? Colors are making their way back in sinks and bathtubs.

There's new and improved shapes, patterns, colors, and textures in ceramic tile.

I found an article about the top new trends this year. I think you will enjoy seeing some of the new ideas out there.

When you get towards the end of the article, check out the "Thole Residence". Gorgeous!

I think I want that! Sigh......

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